"SEO" Tips

How keywords on a website to rank well in Google for the site.
The purpose of the site opening in addition to the beautiful site and well. Website owners would want to have more people who visit the site and made known. In particular, the website for the top of the Search Engine results, especially Google, which is the largest in the world. And the way that Internet users use to access the information they need easily.

Of course, if your site is to put good information. And facilitating access to information of a Search Engine like Google will benefit the website in the top search results better, which ReadyPlanet will feature topics and tools that help to put useful information and contributing. Google's data collection followed.
In the ranking of Google and how to specify the keywords. Ranking Google's use of two reasons.

1. The relevance of each website page with keywords.
2. The importance of each website page.

The article will conclude which one is to establish the relevance of each website page with keywords. 

- To identify the keywords for each page of the site is the word exactly. There should be about 1-3 keywords.
- Use Keyword or Combined words as a keyword such as "Island Tour in Myanmar".
- Arrange content by using the keywords properly not too much and not too few. 
In additions to contain the keywords in various locations of sites where our website system can enter the keywords on each page very easy through the "settings for SEO" by following this procedure.
How SEO settings for each page
Log in into the website management The mouse pointer to the desired menu. Then appears the mouse to the icon and click the "Set for SEO".
Pop "Settings for SEO" above for complete details below.
SEO setting
1. Importance of Website Use keywords in Title Tag.

    Title Tag is the text displayed on the Title Bar of Web Browser and displays the results in the first line of Google (If the keywords in the Title Tag content with relevant) should specify the keywords or phrases that are compatible with the summary page of the website. Leave a space between each keyword. (For example, Fashion Categories Import, wholesale and retail fashion center) Length should not exceed 70 characters.

2. Meta Description

A detailed description of the message content in the site. The second line will show up in search results next to Google's Web site allows readers to understand more and more websites are likely to click. But does not affect the ranking directly - should put the words of an attractive business market. If not this, Google will display a message from the site itself. Length should not exceed 200 characters.

3. Meta Keywords

Tags are descriptive of the current site, Google does not use this message in the rankings because Google stores keywords by reviewing the contents of a website. But useful for other search engines - if you should put the keywords of your website. Leave a space between keywords Or not at all Length should not exceed 255 characters.

When filling in the details Set for SEO done, click "Save" button.

Note: You can enter the menu. SEO in the menu settings for all types except the type forums and message menu here.

Because Google can not keep the photo from the website of the view that the image displayed is a snapshot of anything webmasters should add captions, a Tag special called Alternative Text or Alternate tag for the detailed description about the image itself. Search Engine to let me know and storage.
You should do it for all menus in the website. 
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