Create Facebook like box On VelaEasy (effective from 23 June 2015)

Many of website owner might have "Facebook Page" as another tool or channel to communicate and do public relationship
to share information of products and services on their website to their client.
In another way, Website owner can add "Like Box from Facebook" to display on the website as well. 
Any client who visit the website and click on "Like Box" button on the website, it will link this click to the "Like" on "Facebook Page" automatically.
By doing this, website owner and their customer will gain many benefit from any updated information from both website and facebook channel.
 How we can add "Like Box" on VelaEasy is very easy, just follow the following steps.
1. Go to URL , it will bring you to "Page Plugin" to generate the "Like Box" code.
2. Copy URL of your "Facebook Fan Page" into the field "Facebook Page URL" (Please see ReadyPlanet's Fan Page as a sample)
 Choose the way to display "Like Box" by the given guide. There will be a sample of "Like Box" display as a sample to see.
  •  - "Width" is the width of the "Like Box" (Facebook fixed minimun 280 pixels and maximum 500 pixels)
  •  - "Height" is the height of the "Like Box" start from 130 pixels
  •  - "Hide cover Photo option", click/select this option if you don't want to display cover of page to be display in "Like Box"
  •  - "Show Friend's Faces option", click/select on this option if you want to show all people who Liked you "Facebook Page"
  •  - "Show Page posts", click/select on this option whether you wan to show recent posted on your "Facebook Page"
 < Setting for how display "Like Box">
Remark: If you don't have official "Facebook Fan Page", you will not have your own URL "<your Facebook Fan Page>" to fill into "Facebook Page" URL.
However Facebook will allow to use temporary URL to fill in first by open "Facebook Page" which you have created and copy the URL of the page.
*** If you want to have the URL Fan Page, you can register from ***
 Copy from Temporary Page URL and put into "Facebook Page URL" and adjust the way how you would like to display "Like Box"
 3. After finished the "Like Box" setting then click "Get Code"
 4. There will be popup windows "Your plugin Code". Copy the codes display on these 2 parts (You may copy these codes and put on the notepad for your convenient)
 5.Now it is about how to put the "Like Box" codes on the side Menu of VelaEasy.
 First, click the menu "Add Widget" and popup windows will show "select the type of Widget". Please choose "HTML".
 6. Another window will popup "Type HTML Code in this textbox". Please put the code that you have copy from the Facebook (step 4.) into the textbox then click save.
The Facebook Page Pluging will display on the side menu bar.
In case you want to put Facebook Page Plugin at buttom of the VelaEasy page
7. Goto footer area and click "Edit with Text Editor"
8. Click Tools Menu -> select "Source code" (or click on HTML tool which available on "Text Editor Version 3")  
9.  There will be popup windows to put the code. 
Please follow the following steps
9.1 Type/put the code  <div style="text-align: center;">
9.2 put the plugin code the you got from Facebook (from the step 4.)
9.3 Type/put the code </div> at the end of Facebook plugin code.
9.4 Click update and save to save the setting.
Remark: By given the code followed the step 9.1 to 9.4, the "Like Box" will display in the middle of the page.
If you don't put the given code, the "Like box" will display on the left side of the website.
 Display area of Facebook Page Plugin on the footer of the web page
***"HTML Widget tool" is capable to support many other HTML codes such Slide show, Exchange rate, world oil price, Weather forecast and etc.
However, we are not recommend website owner to use the code from unreliable source, source from other countries that can cause the website very slow or cannot display.
If you find your website is too slow, we recommend to deleted (or back then delete) all those codes to improve you website performance.
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